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Friday, April 24

hypertension?? how to reduce it..

Need to be aware if u have high blood pressure, at below some of prevention and to reduce ur high blood pressure

1. Stop eating salty foods, and all pork.
2. Stop smoking.
3. Don’t drink coffee or any products that contain caffeine
4. Take a gallon of purified water, get 3 cloves of garlic, cut them up and place in water. Add 3 tablespoons of garlic powder. Cut up 3 fresh lemons, squeezing the juice from the lemons into your water. Then you cut up the three lemons in medium size pieces and place them in your water. Take 3 tablespoons of honey (To help sweeten), put in your water. Put the top on your water, and then shake up your mixture. Drink one 8oz glass of your mixture, drinking as often as needed and place your water in the refrigerator and drink as needed.

5. You can also take (2), 500 mg garlic pill that will also help lower your blood pressure.
6. You can cut up a piece of garlic ad place it under your tongue for about 15 to 20 minutes; this will also lower your pressure.

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