"Sesungguhnya Yang Baik Dari Allah,Yang Buruk Dari Diri Ini Sendiri"

Friday, May 1

4days at MPOB

nice experience..meet nice people..no work to do..little bit boring..luckily my supervisor quite sporting.dis week i juz need to completed my 1st draft report which is about oil palm process and come out with my proposed method to analysis about silica content. next week start my project..i need to analysis about silica content in palm trunk..i hope my research is success...may be next week i need to go to"ladang" for taking some sample..huhuhuhu.quite intersting..when i at MPOB, i need to know about oil palm tree..before dis i never ever know about oil palm tree deeply..but now i already know. i like as a researh assitant..hehehe..i hope my trainning will be interesting until the end..hehehehe

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