"Sesungguhnya Yang Baik Dari Allah,Yang Buruk Dari Diri Ini Sendiri"

Monday, November 9


i know what to say..
i juz wan to shoutout that " im free!!!" after one year wit design..huh!!!
today,my last paper...walaupon i cant answer very well..
but i dont knw y.
im feel very hepi..feel like wan to fly..
i dont care whatever happen to my result..
juz wan to enjoy...
next sem will be my last sem in upm..
insyallah if nothing happen..i will graduate next year
huhuhu..xsabar rasenye...
then i need to work hard to find a job..
a job that compatible wit my qualification
i cant imagine it...i will be a career woman...yeSSSS!!
that my aim from da 1st
wait n see
i will be someone else.......

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